Sonntag, 20. Februar 2011

big news

@ Aelvys the Selfish won at Westeros Idol with the song "SURRENDER"
@ Ser Illyn Payne has quited his job as the executioner and joined the Silent Sisters
@ Tyfranck Stokeworth son of Lollys Stokeworth was raped repeatedly in Flea Bottom,and is now in the care of Master Qyburn.
@after 30 year relationship Ser Illyrio Mopatis and Big Mama Paerrys are just married.with their children Hodor,Samwell and the little Tyrion.congrats

Dienstag, 15. Februar 2011

Arc of Dragons by M&M Mammoth

i got an ARC of the fifth book of the Arc of Dragons series with the name ADwD (Any days without Dragons).
first i was surprised why the fuck i got an Arc.OK maybe i was one of Mr.Mammoth truest and loyal fan.
but i tossed it to the reading pile  at the toilet.and went last i have a life to live.

here the review now:No worry all Spoiler free!!!
the story set at north-northeast of wasteross.there is many other directions but the reader easily find his way back to the map on the first is written in latin(for now)but in can buy this book but you should first try to get it for free.

there are many Houses and fences,but only one Wall.and many buildings are under construction.and roads and seaways are well marked on the map.there are no-mans-lands too ,but with woman.

the characters are very well spattered on the world,and there are plenty of them.there we have giants,dwarfes,beardless men,faceless men,facelifted women,moustached females and she-males.nomadic people.POV and VIP characters.the Others and the others and Hodor.
and we have animals like wolves,direwolves,werewolves,non-wolves and morewolves.and an old armed krakens with many feet.crows that can imitate goats.a blackfish(i am not sure if fish is an animal)

after the fourth book CF(Crow´s Feet)the story has a 6 years gap but the characters are not grown in any way.the dragons are learning dothraki.khalesi Paerrys  has married Parristan Selmy and allied her with the Silent Sisters.the Others fighting against global warming.

M§§M Mammoth is a young writer who has some of his best skill is he is trimming his beard so far on own.i think with the growing of his beard ,he will grow out of his girth too.

the arc of dragons is about to seven books so is well written but not readable.after six years to get to be released,i think it is released very had to be re-written and re-edited maybe some more only need to read the end of every chapter so you can save important minutes to do other unimportant things.

i hope the rest of the books will never see the daylight.

Mittwoch, 9. Februar 2011


why i am blogging?someone could ask,just maybe.i have started because of this reasons.

first i hope some publishers can send me free ARCs of new books
second i hope HBO can cast me for GoT  it´s no matter which character(male,female,eunuch).my choice is Osney Kettleblack.
third if george is not going to announce ADWD til end of march 2011 i will stop posting(this will give him the rest,i am sure).
i want to make a deal or a wager with George about his deadline.if he dies before he has finished ASoiaF,he wins.but otherwise i win.or he loss.

there are other reasons but i forget them.So George say yes or die!!

Freitag, 4. Februar 2011

foggomotta festerosas akka Gorgos

this site is English based,more or less(more less).but there are other languages you cant avoid or ignore for yourself.i got this from my cousin Damian Deadinhead,he is dothraki.Maybe you know him already,he is everywhere.because he comments on every shit,that not understandable most.

zhey Gorgos,ho do dragonis,yer fungus?
oma hadaen.yer uber-catapilla,bocho  ADWD  loong oma Bantam.
yer holeassis!kolossos mottafoggo!2005-?khalakka o´ hyena phiffpuff?
Tyrion fogga puta Daenerys anally rambarmaba 10 yeros
penetratoe feetNtoe in yer butto wholas FTBG,IWC ut akka Sweetmartin oma(without) oil.

OK,translated,it sounds like this:

dear George,how are  you?
i am worried about the caterpillar speed regarding ADWD at Bantam
your holiness!could i ask how is the going since 2005 till now.any highlight so far.
i forgot Tyrion and all about Daenerys in the meantime
fight all penalties and defending you with FTBG,IWC also with Sweetmartin in your absence

if you need a dictionary here the link:

Dienstag, 1. Februar 2011


"it cant be february now,it cant really be.why it is not march or october?"

something like that will be George´s next blogging about ADwD.for those who can handle there patience i have you know patience is a virtue.but for those who has lost their patience here some may help.

surely there are endless other quite fitting things.keep waiting and dont re-read ASoIaF!!