Freitag, 4. Februar 2011

foggomotta festerosas akka Gorgos

this site is English based,more or less(more less).but there are other languages you cant avoid or ignore for yourself.i got this from my cousin Damian Deadinhead,he is dothraki.Maybe you know him already,he is everywhere.because he comments on every shit,that not understandable most.

zhey Gorgos,ho do dragonis,yer fungus?
oma hadaen.yer uber-catapilla,bocho  ADWD  loong oma Bantam.
yer holeassis!kolossos mottafoggo!2005-?khalakka o´ hyena phiffpuff?
Tyrion fogga puta Daenerys anally rambarmaba 10 yeros
penetratoe feetNtoe in yer butto wholas FTBG,IWC ut akka Sweetmartin oma(without) oil.

OK,translated,it sounds like this:

dear George,how are  you?
i am worried about the caterpillar speed regarding ADWD at Bantam
your holiness!could i ask how is the going since 2005 till now.any highlight so far.
i forgot Tyrion and all about Daenerys in the meantime
fight all penalties and defending you with FTBG,IWC also with Sweetmartin in your absence

if you need a dictionary here the link:

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