Sonntag, 31. Juli 2011

Roy Dothraki

great news for the Dothraki fans out there.the audio books of Asoiaf are released on Dothraki.
narrator is Ray Dotrice.who else?is he an American?if yes,he speaks like a native American before 200 years.

after i have read the books on German and English,i thought i will give the English audio books a chance because it will help increase my English.

and there was the croaking first.i thought my sound-boxes were kaput.
most time i dont know what he was sounds like he is using a voice box.
the best part he is on is Varys and Lord Mormont´s crow.he oftens sounds like an eunuch.

if he is casted to read ADWD then the book is a must read!

and to my English,i am speaking like a Dothraki or like Dotrice.but you will never know the difference.

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