Dienstag, 11. Januar 2011

news all around the world

@House Random is arises from nothing and announced the (copy)rights to westeros. 
@Ser Gregorr Martyn is in Old Town and will sign his sigil to some decayed cowhide puplicly.
@the moot in westeros is over.they are counting the dead.we will announce  immediately who has won  the iron throne.
@weather: everywhere sun.no clouds.and no sign of winter.
@sport: at the seasonal horse race at Riverrun The Mount that Rides placed the last place.the race was won by khal Drogo

ps: from time to time i will update this blog with news here.more seriously facts.but if you are interrested in trash and book covers go look elsewere like Suvudu or Amazon,or other Review bloggers.

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