Montag, 25. Februar 2013

interview with GRRM in Highgarden part1

in the last days i had a long  unofficial interview with GRRM  but officially with me

sm:hi ser,thank you for the interview,please introduce yourself for "our" readers

grrm:i am the american Tolkien.i am the author of many books.wild cards,fevre dream,dreams of spring.tuf voyage.and many more

sm:you are GRR Tolkien then.ok you have written and edited the Ice and Fire books this true?

grrm:yes i am still both worlds

sm:you mean westeros and earth

ggrm:no essos and wild cards

sm:you have no children other then the children of the forest,why?

gmmr:yes,alas. because PaRRis takes the moon tea

sm:but you like children?like a pedophile?

grrm:yes and no

sm:you mean no and yes.ok lets talk about your are a fulltime worker

gmrr:fulltime writer.but it is the same

sm aaah!you are writing!,thats interresting.have you any time shedule to follow? fulltime

grrm:no i am a gardener and not an architect.every author has different styles

sm:what now?writer or worker?i am confused but it makes are a gardener that can write

grgr:yes and i can only write at home

sm:not in the garden?curious.why is this so?

rrgm:i get very fast homesick

sm:you have an assistant,Tyler Frank.why?

mrrg:Ty Franck,yes.he is helping me selling books online and offline

sm:and nothing else?a hidden relationship maybe like Loras and Renly.out with it,come on,confess!

gmmm:(smiling  ambiguously)no,he helps mowing the lane and trimming bushes.

sm:a gardener assistant,then.we can say he is shaving and saving your bushes.

this was the first part of my interview with Mr.Martin next time we will discuss intensively the books of ASOIAF

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